JS Plugin

JavaScript Plugin allows you to easily integrate captions and subtitles created via vSync service. The plugin works in conjunction with several video players and its installation requires minimal technical knowledge.

JS Plugin provides the following features:

  • automatic retrieval of captions from vSync servers. When new languages are added, those subtitles automatically show within the plugin
  • interactive transcript; users can browse the transcript of the video, click on any phrase and start playing video from that point in time
  • search within the video; users can search for specific phrases in the video and start playing video from that point in time
  • crowdsourced subtitle translation; allow your users to provide translation for the subtitles of your videos

JS Plugin is available at no additional charge to all paying vSync customers. For more information on how to use JS Plugin please Sign in

Why Captions and Subtitles

Search Engine Optimization
Addressing international audience
Search witin the video


Stanford University's eCorner website captions over 2000 videos using vSync service.


The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute captions close to 1000 videos and creates over 2500 subtitles in varying languages using vSync service.

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